Hello, to our most Wonderful Clients!

We find that there’s a lot of interest – and a lot of misconceptions – about Microsoft Teams in our IOTAP family these days.

Thus, we’ve decided to devote this month’s Cloud Connect Newsletter to answering questions about Microsoft Teams and if anyone is on the fence, [email protected]

  • I’m worried that setting up Teams will break something!
    It absolutely will not! Teams run independent of many other Office 365 services, so setup and implementation are non-disruptive to other services.
  • But I already use Skype!
    That’s okay! You can continue to use Skype even after teams are implemented, although as Teams grows Microsoft does anticipate eventually replacing Skype with Teams.
  • Wait, Skype is getting replaced?
    Yes, but there is no reason for panic. Microsoft understands that many of its users are heavily ingrained in Skype for Business and intends to make the transition as smooth as possible. Teams have been growing in functionality for months now, and eventually, it will match Skype feature-for-feature.
  • So if it’s not fully featured yet, why would I switch?
    Teams are presently the superior intra-office communications tool over Skype for Business. Teams allow for individual chats as well as group chats, and attachments like pictures/videos/links and other media– and it’s all persistent. Unlike Skype, conversations don’t disappear out of the program after you close it. They remain in teams day-to-day.
  • Is there a roadmap of upcoming features that I can see?
    Yes! That roadmap is available.
  • I want to get Teams up and running for my business! What do I need to do?
    If you’d like us to assist you in setting up Teams for your business, let us know! If you’re interested in seeing what the setup process is like and potentially set it up, Remember if you get stuck, we can help!