Tips & Tricks:

As we mentioned prior – dictation for Outlook and Office programs is nowhere. Dependent on your Organization’s update channel (how quickly the latest Office 365 updates are received) you may begin seeing a “dictation” button in the ribbon of some of your office applications. Your PC will need a microphone in order to use it effectively!

For more about Microsoft Dictate, you can view a video from the original Microsoft Garage project here! If you really want this feature and you’re not seeing it yet, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to update your Office 365 and make sure the feature works.

The question of the Month:

I’ve been working on a project with my Coworker, we’re doing it the old-fashioned way, emailing the document back and forth. I know about SharePoint – but I don’t understand the benefits and I’m worried that the document may get corrupted and I won’t have a local copy saved to fall back on. What should I do?

  • You’re in luck! All SharePoint and OneDrive libraries will be set to retain a minimum of one hundred major versions. Existing libraries that have versioning enabled but are set to retain fewer than one hundred major versions will be updated to retain the new minimum. Libraries already set to retain one hundred or more major versions will not be affected, including those with the default setting of five hundred. With these changes, the Document Library Settings page will no longer support the ability to disable versioning or configure it to retain fewer than one hundred versions.

Product Spotlight:
Azure is Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go (PAYG) cloud computing platform. Many of our customers are using Azure already to a great advantage. We’re always looking to cut costs for our customers, and Microsoft just dropped a huge way to save money in Azure. Using Reserved Instances in Azure, it’s possible to save up to 80% vs the standard PAYG costs and guarantee that your Virtual Machines will be stood up in the Microsoft Datacenter closest to your Office! We’d love to talk to you about saving money in Microsoft Azure, reach out to us today!