Cloud Connect September 2018

Tips & Tricks :

Drag and drop your availability into emails to schedule a meeting! 
Within an email reply, can bring up your calendar and graphically drag and drop slots you currently have available on your calendar.  These are then shown as an availability card in your email. This update is brand new, we’re still seeing it propagate across tenants in Office 365, so if you don’t see it yet, hang tight!

Question of the Month :

Teams is great! But we’re still missing out on some features from Skype. We know that eventually, Teams will be succeeding Skype for Business. Is Microsoft planning on rolling these features over?

Yes! Several features are in the pipeline or have already been moved over to Teams!

Microsoft Teams Guest Access – In Teams!

  • Ability to add a guest to a team from outside the organization

Microsoft Teams – Unified Presence – Rolling Out!

  • This is one of the SfB messaging capabilities coming to Teams that supports unified presence between Teams and Skype for Business.

Microsoft Teams – Contact Groups – Rolling Out!

  • This is one of the SfB messaging capabilities coming to Teams and provides support for Contact Groups originally created in Skype for Business.

We understand that right now there’s a critical feature missing from Teams for our customers who use Skype for Outgoing calls. This feature is intended for a rollout of Q4 – as soon as we know more we’ll be working with you to get it enabled ASAP!

Product Spotlight :

IOTAP SharePoint Intranet :
Many of our customers look at SharePoint and see it for what it is: A tremendously powerful tool that requires a tremendous amount of configuration and knowledge to have it work effectively for your company!
We offer a SharePoint intranet that comes out-of-the-box with features tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Document Repositories, Announcement Sites and more!
IOTAP will work with you to build your intranet to your exacting specifications and support it for only $5/user/month.
Please reach out to learn more!