Cloud Connect October 2018

Tips & Tricks :

We’ve covered Microsoft Dictate in previous CloudConnect Newsletters. At the time, it was a piece of software that had to be installed from a separate site, and it was built under Microsoft’s “Garage” brand – meaning that it was experimental and while Microsoft knew they liked the idea, it wasn’t quite ready for a generalized release. 

The time for a general release has come – and it’s already baked into all brand-new Microsoft Office 2019, included as part of your Office subscription! All you need is a USB headset plugged into your PC and you too can speak to write emails.

Question of the Month :

Office 2019 is out?! But it’s still 2018! How do I get the latest apps?! 

Any new Office App installation downloaded from the portal will include the newest versions of the apps. Microsoft has updated the official instructions to indicate that Office 2019 is here. For anyone with an existing installation, hang tight! IOTAP doesn’t recommend uninstalling your existing applications for the sake of getting the new Office suite.

When you uninstall the Office 2016 suite, all your preferences and settings will be uninstalled as well. For example, you’ll have to go back into Outlook and set up your profile and mailbox again, ugh! Instead, the new apps will come as an update to your existing suite in the coming weeks. By updating this way, your settings and preferences will remain intact!

Product Spotlight :

Considering a growing number of questions and popularity of SharePoint among our user base, we’ve decided to extend a special offer for our partners who have Business Premium Office 365 licenses or better.

We can now offer a fully-built SharePoint Intranet Suite for your place of work for $1 per user per month. This is an 80% discount that will only be in place until the end of the year – so please reach out and let us build your intranet for you before it goes away!