Cloud Connect November 2018

Tips & Tricks:

We’ve all seen it – the blue text that serves to highlight a Hyperlink in an email, a PowerPoint or an excel document. We can be frank; most people will disregard it. But if you’re creating a document that’s to be shown to other people, and there some ugly blue text marring your slide – is there a way to fix it?

Yes! The link text can be treated just like any other text anywhere in Microsoft Office:

  1. Select the hyperlink you want to re-color. (How do I insert a hyperlink?)
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, select the Font Color arrow to open the menu of colors.


It really works!

Question of the Month:

We’re an organization that due to our industry has to put disclaimers at the end of our emails. Presently, our employees are hand-editing this disclaimer. We also find that our employee’s signatures don’t have any sort of consistency from person to person. We’re aware of exclaimer – but this seems so simple. Doesn’t Office 365 have this functionality built in?

As of this year, it does indeed! You can add an HTML or plain text legal disclaimer, disclosure statement, signature, or other information to the top or bottom of email messages that enter or leave your organization. To do this, you create a mail flow rule (also known as a transport rule) that adds the required information to messages. The steps to get this done are here, but it’s 10 steps to complete. If you want us to do this for you, please let us know!

Product Spotlight:

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with SherWeb! SherWeb is a Cloud-facing Solutions Provider with many interesting add-on services for Office 365. In celebration of the new partnership (and the holiday season) we’re pleased to offer up to 3 free licenses of SherWeb QuickHelp for Office 365, this is over a $100 value. QuickHelp is eLearning for Office 365 it will arm your admins and users with the knowledge to work more effectively and efficiently within Office 365. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this limited time offer!