Cloud Connect January 2019

Tips & Tricks:

In Outlook for iOS, it’s now possible to convert an email message directly into a calendar event! Simply select the message in Outlook, select the ellipses at the top right of the message and hit ”Schedule”!

IOS outlook

Question of the Month:

“Is Microsoft backing up any of my data? I thought that was the whole purpose of moving into Office 365!”

While Office 365 has its own protections in place to make it hard to accidentally delete data, ultimately the protections that Microsoft puts in place is to ensure that they are not responsible for any data loss while your data is residing on their infrastructure. While this is an improvement for your data in terms of redundancy and safety of your corporate data compared to hosting your own Exchange Server, Microsoft is very quick to point out if any data loss is a result of accidental (or purposeful) deletion by a user or external factors such as malware or phishing attempts.

Microsoft will not help beyond what protections they have in place in a crisis. For example, if important emails are deleted from the “Deleted Items” folder in OWA or Outlook, Microsoft will politely explain that there’s nothing further they can do, those emails are gone forever! It’s the same with OneDrive and SharePoint – in cases that Microsoft isn’t directly responsible for the data loss, the data is gone forever!

IOTAP has a myriad of solutions to back up and better protect your data in Office 365.

Webinar Spotlight:
On January 16th, at 11 AM (EST) and on January 17th, at 11:30 AM (IST), we will be holding an Office 365 webinar for you, our most valuable clients! The purpose of this webinar will be to discuss security best practices in Office 365 as well as the various ways that IOTAP can secure your data. We’ll be covering:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Included in Office 365!)
  • Best Practices for Office 365 Admins
  • Options for Sharepoint, OneDrive and Exchange Online backup options.
  • And more!

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