Dynamics 365 Portal Invitation – Issue with invitation redemption

Dynamics 365 Portal Invitation Issues

  1. One of the available ways to invite a user to the portal is to generate an Invitation on a Contact and email this invitation with the one time “redemption code” to the user
  2. Every invitation email sent has a unique invitation code which is valid only for the contact to whom it was emailed. It’s a long alphanumeric set of characters which is unique to the email id of this Contact.
  3. In case this redemption link is redeemed by some other user before the intended user uses it, the intended user will not be able to log in. Further, if the incorrect user, later wants an invitation to the portal for his own profile, he too will face issues.

Follow the below steps, to fix the issue in such scenarios

  • Consider “Invited Contact” as the contact to whom the portal invitation was sent and “Other Contact” as the contact who redeemed the invitation
  • Open the “Other Contact” record in CRM and navigate to the Portal Contact form. Clear out the ‘User Name’ field and save the record. Navigate to ‘External Identities’ sub-grid and delete the applicable record.

Web Authentication

Portal Contacts

  • Open the “Invited Contact” record in CRM and navigate to the Portal Contact form and ensure that the ‘User Name’ field is blank. Navigate to ‘External Identities’ sub-grid and ensure that there are no records.
  • Open Advanced Find, and search and delete the Invitation sent to the “Invited Contact”.

  • Send a new invitation to the” Invited Contact” by clicking the Work365 ‘Sent Portal Invite’ button OR the OOTB Portal ‘Create Invitation’ button

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