Transform Your Business in 4 ways with Dynamics 365 Portals

Dynamics 365 Portals are shipped with every Dynamics tenant* along with multiple ready to use templates that can be quickly configured and customized to suit business needs to build and extend channels of communication and Collaborate with specifically invited customers, partners or employees.

What are Dynamics 365 Portals?

  • Portals are an External website platform which is deeply integrated into CRM
  • They provide channels for various Customer Engagement Scenarios
  • They are an opportunity to extend CRM modules to the web for external customers and partners, without the added burden of building, hosting and customizing

dynamics 365 portals

The Microsoft promise

  • High Availability: 9% Guaranteed Uptime with Financially backed SLA
  • Performance & Scalability: Enterprise-grade scale and Performance for your portals
  • Disaster Recovery: Making sure your Portals are always up and running.
  • Data Protection: Compliance with Microsoft Data protection standards to make sure your data is safe.
  • Global Availability: Available Worldwide from your nearest Datacenter.
  • Security: Modern TLS crypto standards, DDOS protection, X-site scripting protection, etc.

Listen to those who matter

THE PORTAL provides a single view to the customer of all his activities with your organization. Every single Account – be it Partner or a customer, has a distinct view of all his activities with your organization.

  • Sales – Products Purchased, change Logs, Invoices
  • Customer Service – Knowledgebase for Self-Service, Case history, Live Assist channel
  • Marketing – White papers, Product Collateral, New Launches, events, news, and Webinars

Share and collaborate in real-time

The portal provides an Out of the box Collaboration tool in the form of forums. Easy Moderation capabilities and discussion views make responding to customer queries and discussion with Partners on Opportunities seamless and easy.

While the Support team resolves cases and creates the knowledge base articles in its routine daily activities, the same can be surfaced on the portal. Customers and partners can create and track queries and issues to closure and rely on Self- Service for any urgent issues. The Search feature and the classified display of KB is a default feature available on specific portal templates.

Engage – Interact with your customer

Embed a chat widget onto a portal to proactively engage with customers. Be it for sales inquiries or requests from partners or issues which need to be responded to and resolved, personal touch and availability of someone to address it, always creates a positive experience. Live Assist or any other Third-party app can easily integrate and reside within the Dynamics 365 portals.

dynamics 365 portals 2

Engage customers with a modern case management system, which can search through the Knowledge Base – one of the most powerful features of the platform – and scan through key terms and phrases to show results. Activities and correspondence tracking and quick views of Active and Resolved cases all reduce the burden on Call center and the helpdesk teams.

Transform – Leverage the platform for more

Dynamics 365 Portals literally has all the capability available in Dynamics and more.

Social collaboration – Polls, Discussion Forums, Knowledge Base Search, and Self Service are items just on the surface. Add to it, the mobile capability where its device ready and plays well even when you are on the move.

Dynamics 365 portal 3

Surface your product and Service collateral and use the platform for marketing, highlight your featured products and enable the Sales team, share newsletters and webinar links and create a Knowledge store which becomes a reference Library for all, link it to an eCommerce portal and a payment gateway and shorten the sales-to-pay- time.

*Check the license requirements

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