Install Google Analytics on your Dynamics 365 Portal in 3 Simple Steps!

Once your Dynamics 365 Portal is set up and Partners and Clients have been invited to collaborate, the next step is to review usage and understand what interests your invitees. 

The most simple and effective way to put this in place is via Google Analytics.


  1. You have updated the portal information on Google Analytics and have your Tracking code snippet from Analytics ➤ Settings ➤ Admin Panel ➤ Tracking Info ➤ Tracking code.

  1. You have the required permissions on Dynamics to administer the Portal  

Setting it up: 

  1. From your UCI interface, navigate from the app selector to “Dynamics 365 Portals” ➤ Administration (Tab) Enable Traffic Analysis 
  2. Paste the code snippet copied (in the prerequisites) from Google Analytics. Save 
  3. Clear your Portal cache and you are set. You have implemented Google Analytics! 

(Patience! The first data trickle may take 20 to 24 hours)


Build out a quick Power BI Analytics dashboard on Dynamics! 

Ref. How to create and set up your Google Analytics account on this link 

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