Never Forget Birthday Greetings Ever Again- Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Loyalty and Retention Tip

One of the most effective ways to impress your Contacts is to remember their birthdays. A simple wish from you on their birthdays is proven to show your attention to them, leading to personal openness to you and subsequent success of sales. The problem is how you manage to remember each and every client’s birthday? […]

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

1. User Experience Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces an entirely new user experience with a brand new user interface. Say goodbye to those irritating and frustrating pop-ups windows. Get everything that needs on one screen with no flipping and less scroll. Navigation: A new horizontal menu bar eases user navigation & frees up screen space by replacing the CRM left […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Beta Refresh – Installation Issues

Microsoft released the revised version of its ‘CRM 2013 Beta’ titled ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Beta Refresh’ on 20th August 2013. This build is available for download for Microsoft Partners on the Microsoft Connect site. The ‘Beta Refresh’ is intended as an ISV/Partner/IT Team-centric build which promises to have the resolution fixes to issues which were raised in the ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Beta’ build which […]

New Features in Office 365 SharePoint Online Public Website

The public website available in the new version of Office 365 SharePoint Online is based on SharePoint 2013 platform includes a new design and new features for customizing the website and individual pages. Because the website is built on the SharePoint platform, you now get publishing capabilities, more Web parts, and advanced design options. More page editing options The […]

How to Create Custom Content Types in SharePoint Hosted Apps

This blog explains the process of how to create custom content type, but to make this first you should have to create site columns. Please refer below link for how to create Site Columns: Now, check for a complete explanation of how to create custom content type. Right click project name -> Add -> New Item. Select ‘Content Type’ template which […]

How to Create Site Columns in SharePoint Hosted Apps

To create a custom list by content types or even to create custom content type first you have to add site columns for those columns which you want to add in list or content type. It is very easy and short process to create site columns, let’s have a look a) Right click project name […]