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Ismail Nalwala's Articles

Small Business Essential Tools

We are a technology consulting firm and our main initiatives are around the modern digital work place. We talk to customers about Digital Transformation, cloud applications, and productivity. As a Programmer myself, I think back to the days when we developed applications for desktops and servers. Then came this wave of website for eCommerce and then all cloud computing power. There was a proliferation of apps for mobile devices, and now, the only applications I run on my computer, besides Microsoft Office is just my browser. Everything I need to access my business and my entire life is available through the browser  or the apps on my cell phone. Even my office files are accessed this way. We don’t have single file share in our office and we make a very serious attempt not to even send files over to each other in email.  One of the last and lingering reason for me to keep any machines in my office was my QuickBooks application. QuickBooks desktop version kept me wanting to maintain a server, it ...

Punycode causes Big problems for Office 365 Online users

Security for online or on-premise infrastructure can never be taken for granted. We have identified a defense against a new attack that's targeting Office 365 business users. This is a very real threat for any companies using Office 365 email because it is specifically designed to bypass Microsoft Security and obtain corporate ID and passwords from your users. 

Opportunity History Tracking Solution Components

This article will discuss the specifics on how Sales History and Opportunity tracking can be accomplished using Dynamics 365 for Sales

Opportunity History Tracking and Reporting in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new cloud-based business application suite, offering a number of different applications under a variety of plans customized to different work functions. Whether you need a system to track your sales process, customer onboarding, or case resolution, all of these activities can be set up and tracked in CRM. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of Dynamics 365's powerful workflow and business process automation to improve business outcomes. Let's take the example of a sales process. There are multiple stages in a sales process that span multiple database entities, transforming from a lead to an opportunity and then potentially to an order and invoice. A sales process out of the box in Dynamics 365 looks something like this:    As the opportunity moves from on stages to the next, the opportunity’s likelihood of closure increases. A customer is more likely to buy as they invest more time, resources and learn more about the services ...

Adding users photo to welcome text in Sharepoint 2010

Adding some personilzation touch to Sharepoint 2010 intranet by displaying the user’s photo before the welcome text

Building a Successful SharePoint Project Team

What does it take to build a successful SharePoint 2010 Project Team?

How to Reduce the Size of Social Tagging Buttons in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has lot of social features that enables better collaboration. One of the social feature is tagging that allows users to tag documents, pages, links etc. within a SharePoint site. For allowing users to tag content the SharePoint 2010 UI provides two buttons “I Like It “ and “Tags & Notes” as part of the SharePoint Ribbon.

Return On Investment - SharePoint

The benefits and the return on Investment depends on the degree of adoption and the emphasis the Management places on using SharePoint. There are largely three aspects of SharePoint that lead to an improved organization and a high return on Investment which cannot always be quantified using numbers.

SPitter – A Twitter for Sharepoint

This blog explains how IOTAP uses a Sharepoint tool similar to Twitter for better collaboration