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Blogs contains all useful information and stuffs related to QA & QC.

Testing Enhancement for existing feature, New requirements & Resolved issues:

I have been asked this question a long back by one of my net friend that he needs to test 3 different things in the next release i.e
·         Enhancement for already existing feature
·         New requirements
·         Resolved issues.
So how should I proceed to test & what should be the order to test everything?

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Top 10 Estimation best practices in Agile

 By engaging the team in the estimation process we gain the benefits of additional insights and consensus building. Additional people bring different perspectives to estimating and spot things individuals may miss.

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10 Requirements Traps to Avoid

The path to quality software begins with excellent requirements. Slighting the processes of requirements development and management is a common cause of software project frustration and failure.

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Restrict removable storage devices using Group policy in windows server 2008

This blog contains Block the removable storage devices to all users and computers using Group policy in windows server 2008

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Scrum is an iterative, incremental process for developing any product or managing any work, commonly used with agile software development. It produces a potentially shippable set of functionality at the end of every iteration.

• Flexibility and Speed.
• Reduces the risk.
• High quality and low cost.

Cheers ,
Mahesh R

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Enabling Email Functionality in the Team System Web Access (TSWA)

You can configure Team Foundation Server to use an existing SMTP server to send e-mail alerts. Users can configure alerts for various projects, work item, and build event notifications. Although you can specify the SMTP server during Team Foundation Server installation, you might want to change the STMP server later. Similarly, if you to change the application pool service account by using the TFSAdminUtil Change Account command, you must manually change the sender account e-mail address to the new service account's e-mail address.


 Cheers ,
 Mahesh R 


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Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing