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Sharepoint Upgrade

SharePoint Connect Newsletter - June 2017

SharePoint Connect covers updates, tips & tricks and other relevant information for your SharePoint services. Write to us if you wish us to cover anything in our future publications. Tips and Tricks: We’d like to talk about a simple trick that can enable you to restrict users to only modify their own entries on a Discussion Board List in SharePoint for users to submit their questions/feedback. This is addressed by a feature known as “Item Level Permissions.” Here’s how you can configure it:   In the Discussion Board List, go to List Settings > Advanced Settings Scroll down to Item Level Permissions section Inside the section, you will see two categories Read Access Read all items - Everyone who has access to the list will be able to read any items, whether they were created by the user logged in or someone else. Read items that were created by the user - Users will only get to see entries they ...

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The SharePoint App Model

We are often asked about the SharePoint App Model. What is it? How does it work? When should I use each of the apps? To answer these questions, we will be featuring a multi-part series on the SharePoint App Model, starting with the basics.

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Preparing for the Office 365 SharePoint Online Service Update

Microsoft is rolling out an initial phase of service update for Office 365 SharePoint online. As part of this service update existing SharePoint online sites doesn’t get upgraded to SharePoint 2013 and users will not get the new SharePoint 2013 interface or features

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What will happen to public websites in Office 365 SharePoint Online after the upgrade?

With the next version of Office 365 is slated to be released for business on February 27 2013, an upgrade to existing Office 365 customers is expected to follow soon. This upgrade raises concerns to organizations that have a public website developed in SharePoint online in Office 365. In this blog we try to address the concerns Will my public website be gone after the Office 365 upgrade? No the public website that you had created with older version of Office 365 will still be available after the upgrade. Additionally you will also get a new public website in the new Office 365 platform. What is the difference between the public website from earlier version of Office 365 and the upgraded one? The public website available in current version of office 365 is limited in functionality. The public website in new version of Office 365 will provide more flexibility through SharePoint publishing feature. The new website has more features, and includes updated design tools and new templates. It’s fas ...

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SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Improvements

SharePoint 2013 has got a great set of features that would certainly entice existing SharePoint users to upgrade to SharePoint 2013. Along with the feature set improvements SharePoint 2013 also brings in lot of improvements to the upgrade process that makes the upgrade easier, manageable and flexible.

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Life Made Easier – SharePoint Property Promotion & Demotion

​A well-known concept about SharePoint is property promotion & demotion. Quite simply put, property promotion refers to a document's property being sent to the document library in which it resides and demotion is just the opposite. While this may sound trivial, it has some deep founding implications. Say that you're making a sales proposal. Most of us have proposal templates from which we start. Perhaps the first thing we do is search & replace the client name. Now suppose that the client name was automatically replaced for us - wouldn't that be a treat? Let’s see what this looks like in action and where it becomes possible for this to work and where it won’t. For the purpose of illustration, I have created a custom list in SharePoint called “Customers” – this will hold the customer details for me. A document library called “Proposals” has been created which has a custom field of the type “Lookup”; pointing to the “Customers” list ...

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Top Ten Reasons for Upgrading to Sharepoint 2010

Sharepoint has turned 10 years old and it has gone through an incredible evolution from a document management portal to a platform for collaboration and content management. With every new release there has been an increase in core platform features and movement towards a solution that captures the collaboration needs for organizations of all sizes. So we compiled top 10 reasons for upgrade and move to Sharepoint 2010.

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Building a Successful SharePoint Project Team

What does it take to build a successful SharePoint 2010 Project Team?

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Top 10 considerations for your Sharepoint 2010 upgrade

Every organization that has Sharepoint 2003 or 2007 setup in their company are now thinking about upgrading to SharePoint 2010. Top 10 considerations for sharepoint 2010 upgrade are listed in this blog post.

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