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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft CSP Pain Points Lead Partner To Develop Partner-Facing Solution

Recent press coverage and article from Scott Bekker at Redmond channel partner details a conversation with Ismail Nalwala and the value of Work 365 as a solution for CSP partners. Whether you are direct or indirect Work 365 can help partners run an efficient cloud business as described by Rosalyn Arntzen from Amaxra.

Being Customer Zero On Dynamics 365 - A Microsoft Partners Perspective

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience are two areas that are on top of mind for executives and CIOs everywhere. Dynamics 365 is one of those applications that is at the center of Digital Transformation for Microsoft and its partners. Being a Microsoft partner is not an exclusive club. It’s a challenging marketplace with tight margins and innovation happening rapidly both at Microsoft and with partners. However, there are some perks of being a partner like receiving the Internal Use Rights (IURs) to some of the best technology products like Office 365 and Dynamics 365. The idea is that Partners need to be customer zero, use the products to be able to sell the products. Dynamics 365 formerly Dynamics CRM or CRM online, is one of those products which can be used to run your entire business! As we released Work 365 for Partners I was recounting our journey– which involved us trying to make the most use of the application to keep us relevant and stay ahead. In reflecting back, we wer ...

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How to setup search topics in Dynamics 365 Social Engagement tool.

The Social Engagement tool is a fantastic social interaction tool for sales, marketing and customer service professionals who want to proactively engage with their audience and customers on social media. It collects data from various sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and relevant blogs. The visual reports help you spot emerging trends from people’s comments, whether positive, negative, or neutral. It can even read emoticons and emoji’s =) Why Social Engagement? Every business needs to build their brand presence and reputation in the market and to create that social media is a very good platform. There are stand-alone tools out there to help analyze your activity against success measures and objectives. They look at metrics such as clicks, shares, likes, most popular posts and so on. Ideally, you’d use a tool that maximizes existing activities to boost ROI by: analyzing trends in customer sentiment improving existing product lines or creating new products and serv ...

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Custom Icons for List View in Dynamics 365

Visualization is always helpful when it comes to identifying and highlight set of data. With the new feature provided by Microsoft in Dynamics 365, it is possible to display list views with Icons or any kind of graphical representation to make the desired data stand out. Here are the steps to follow. In my example, I want to display indicators for active accounts list according to their membership statuses in Green (Current), Grey (Dropped) and Blue (Prospective).   Therefore, things which we need are:   Step1: First, we will need some images to store in Web Resources for icons. I have used 16*16 pixel .png format images. So, I have used three images and stored them in the Web Resources in my Solution.     You can see here that the images are in PNG format and you can choose to give any name for the images. Step2: We will also need an Option Set to display the indicators based on options selected for the record, the indicator will get displayed. Here I am using OOB ...

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How Users Can Take Dynamics 365 On-the-Go with Mobile Devices

One of the best features of Dynamics 365 is its portability. With administrator support, users can access work from anywhere with smartphone and tablet options, making it an ideal platform for an increasingly mobile world. The Advantages of the Dynamics 365 Mobile Platform Today’s employees are connected, working in offices, on job sites, from home, and on the road. By implementing the Dynamics 365 mobile platform, users have the ability to do their work wherever they need to be. This is particularly important for people in the following situations: Sales professionals who need the ability to create quotes or proposals during off-site client meetings Remote workers who need access from their preferred devices Employees who travel frequently for business and need to check in from smartphones or tablets on the road Executives who need to stay connected at all times Working with Your Administrator to Set Up Dynamics 365 for Mobile Setting up Dynamics 365 for ph ...

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Preparing for the Dynamics 365 Transition

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 replaced Dynamics CRM, many Dynamics CRM users were uncertain at the thought of transitioning to a whole new platform. Now that Dynamics 365 has launched, its time to answer some of the most common questions about Dynamics 365 licensing, improvements, and making a smooth transition.   What Do You Get When You Transition to Dynamics 365   Dynamics 365 launched with advanced business analytics and a comprehensive platform to unite all your business functions under one software umbrella. We’ve explored some of the many benefits of Dynamics 365 in the recent blogs below:   ·      Dynamics 365 offers a suite of tools designed to enhance the customer experience. ·      Advanced artificial intelligence features help predict customer behavior and drive smarter communications. ·      Opportunity history tracking and reporting for sales, fi ...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Dynamics 365 for Financials

Dynamics 365 is designed to connect every business function together into a single, easy-to-use platform. As you can imagine, there are a number of ways in which the software’s capabilities can be used, and today we’re taking a look at one of the most popular: Dynamics 365 for Financials.   First, let’s review what you can do with Dynamics 365 for Financials. The application includes features that perform the following tasks:   Quoting Invoicing Payment Purchasing Inventory Management Reporting Analytics   These are basic financial management functions that every business needs, but the way Dynamics 365 for Financials connects these tasks to a comprehensive, scalable platform is what makes it so valuable. Here are three reasons why we think Dynamics 365 for Financials is an excellent choice for small and mid-size organizations alike.   1. Dynamics 365 for Financials Makes Your Back Office More Efficient   Standalone app ...

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Dynamics 365 Online or On-Prem?

If you are thinking about a major business application project like implementing Dynamics 365, the deployment option is going to be a very important consideration for some organizations. Dynamics 365 is designed with choice in mind, and one of the first choices a business needs to make is whether to use Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform on-premises or in the cloud. Dynamics 365 supports both, and the cloud seems to be the go-to deployment option for most organizations. However, for certain specific requirements, an on-premise install may be worth considering.  As the Dynamics 365 product continues to evolve, it's becoming clear that the Online versions are diverging from on premises in functionality because of the massive Azure infrastructure that supports Dynamics 365 online applications – especially Cortana intelligence and IoT specific requirements.     As a stand-alone pr ...

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5 Ways to Speed Up Customer Service & Increase Efficiency with Adxstudio Portals and Dynamics 365

A 2015 study by Forrester research found that web-based self-service is a popular channel for customers to find support. Web based channel along with other channels like email and telephone are part of a well rounded customer service strategy. Developing channels for customers or partners to reach you only increases the likelihood of a successful interaction. In the past we have discussed how email to case is a critical component of the service channel strategy. However, Pairing Dynamics 365 with Adxstudio portals is another way to a web-based channel for your organization to improve customer satisfaction.  Below are five ways Dyanmics 365 users are incorporating ADX portals to provide a better experience for their customers. 1. Improve Customer Service   Enhanced customer service is the biggest advantage of working with Adxstudio portals and Dynamics 365. We’ve already talked about the value of creating personalized customer experiences for today’s demanding consumers. ADX portal ...

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Opportunity History Tracking and Reporting in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new cloud-based business application suite, offering a number of different applications under a variety of plans customized to different work functions. Whether you need a system to track your sales process, customer onboarding, or case resolution, all of these activities can be set up and tracked in CRM. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of Dynamics 365's powerful workflow and business process automation to improve business outcomes. Let's take the example of a sales process. There are multiple stages in a sales process that span multiple database entities, transforming from a lead to an opportunity and then potentially to an order and invoice. A sales process out of the box in Dynamics 365 looks something like this:    As the opportunity moves from on stages to the next, the opportunity’s likelihood of closure increases. A customer is more likely to buy as they invest more time, resources and learn more about the services ...

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