SharePoint Designer Form Action Button

In my previous blog post I had explained the manual process of redirecting to custom page after an item is saved in SharePoint Custom List form. SharePoint designer has a control called Form Action Button which can perform the same process without us doing any java script tweaking. This blog post will explain the various options available for Form Action Button control.

Form action button control is available under Data view controls section of SharePoint Designer toolbox as indicated in image below.

When a Form action button control is added to a web page Form Actions dialog is opened. This dialog will allow us to specify the actions that should take place when the button is clicked.

Various actions available are

1.       Commit – Commit changes made to the list.

2.       Refresh – Refresh the list

3.       Cancel – Cancel the changes

4.       Navigate to source – Navigates to the source page

5.       Navigate to page – Navigates to a custom page

6.       Custom action – Allows us to create a workflow that would triggered when the button is clicked.


Two or more options can be clubbed together if required. For instance we can club the Commit and Navigate to page option so that after saving data user is taken to a custom page. Behind the scene Form Action button is created as input button with a JavaScript hooked to its on click event as the sample below.


<input type="button" value="Save" name="btnFormAction" onclick="javascript: {ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__commit;__redirect={default.aspx}')}">



Cheers JJ