As part of Sharepoint 2010 Implementation for a leading EPC company in Kazakhstan we had setup several workflows for task lists. Incidentally one of the list had a space in the name and the links that were sent out from the workflows weren’t working because of the space. When we changed the Title of the list from the Sharepoint 2010 UI it only changed the title but not the URL. After bit of research we found that the list name and subsequently the URL can be changed from Sharepoint Designer 2010.


After opening the Sharepoint 2010 site in Sharepoint Designer 2010 Click on All Files view. From the report click on Lists and from the left pane expand lists and then select the list for which the URL has to be changed. Then right click on the list name and from the context menu click Rename. If the name is changed here then the URL of the list is also changed to reflect the name change