As part of our Sharepoint 2010 implementation for large manufacturing company in US we have setup several workflows that are based on the publishing approval template. For the approvers we had set user groups for each of the workflows. We encountered a strange problem when the starting the workflows. Along with the tasks that are created for each of the user in the user group a task was also automatically created for the System Account. This was happening because the System Account user was some how added to all user groups, even though it didn’t show up in the user list for the groups.



We then did a workaround for the issue by removing the System Account from the user groups using the below command


stsadm -o deleteuser   -url    -userlogin sharepoint\system   -group  groupname


for example


· stsadm -o deleteuser   -url http://intranet/quality   -userlogin sharepoint\system   -group quality_approvers