In Sharepoint 2007 creating a site theme requires knowledge of CSS, HTM etc. With the advent of Office 2010 and Sharepoint 2010 creating a site theme has become a breeze. All one has to know is to apply design PowerPoint.


Below steps details the process of applying a PowerPoint 2010 theme to Sharepoint 2010


1. Fire up PowerPoint 2010 and select a theme of your choice


2. Apply theme color of your choice


3. Save the presentation as a Office theme(.thmx)

4. Navigate to the Sharepoint 2010 site

5. Select Site Settings Under the Site Actions menu


6. From the Site Settings page select Site Themes under Galleries section




7. Click Documents option under the Library Tools menu and upload the Office Theme file to the Themes library

8. Navigate to Site Settings page

9. Select Site The under Look and Feel section

10. From the theme list select the theme you uploaded and click Apply button

11. Your theme will now be applied to the Sharepoint 2010 site