Visionary marketers are now identifying successful marketing approaches and campaigns, so the marketing team can scale up their efforts – applying them to a wider base of prospects leverage marketing automation by using demand generation platforms like Eloqua, SalesFusion, SilverPop to produce more results with less effort.  These advanced lead-generation, tracking and reporting tools, enable sales to concentrate its energy and resources to reduce sales cycles and accelerate the revenue generation process.


To successfully automate marketing, companies today are going beyond simple email blasting and integrating their CRM applications with Marketing Automation platform, in a way integrating marketing with sales at a deeper level. This allows the companies to automatically push / pull data between CRM and Marketing Automation platform and directly integrate email marketing, web analytics, lead scoring, pay-per-click and other online/offline marketing channels on a single CRM platform. Today most of the top CRM applications like MS Dynamics, SalesForce, Sugar CRM, Sage CRM etc can be easily integrated with the Marketing automation platforms using CRM Accelerators. In fact many of the Marketing Automation platforms like Eloqua, SalesFusion etc, comes pre-integrated with MS Dynamcis, SalesForce, Oracle and Sugar CRM.


This innovative integrated platform provides great many benefits to Sales & Marketing teams:

Optimize Marketing Spends:
Get more leads, Decrease cost per lead, Generate more sales, increase ROI.


Reach the right prospect in the right way and with the right message:
By identifying which customers have recently visited your web page, downloaded a white paper or attended an event that indicates an interest and online behaviors, marketers can identify the right prospects for their campaigns – and the right messages for their prospects.


Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring:
Lead scoring is a highly constructive method to keep sales teams focused on most positive leads while increasing their conversion and value. Marketers can score leads according to the actions and responses that indicate their “sales readiness.” Lead Nurturing develops buyers’ interest over time.


Measure & Report marketing impact:
The integrated platform provides complete clarity to the marketers and helps them to ongoingly track their progress and results. The dash-boards and real-time reporting tools provide clear evidence of marketing impact.


Accelerate sales cycle & revenue generation:
Advanced lead generation, tracking and reporting enables marketing to generate more quality lead and accelerate sales cycle and sales team delivers best results by focusing on increasing revenue generation