If you are getting the below error in event log in your SharePoint server 2007


Then follow the below solution steps

Method 1: Disable the loopback check
1.    Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
2.    In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following registry key:
3.    Right-click Lsa, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
4.    Type DisableLoopbackCheck, and then press ENTER.
5.    Right-click DisableLoopbackCheck, and then click Modify.
6.    In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.
7.    Quit Registry Editor, and then restart your computer.
Method 2:- After I restarted the server I went to the Sharepoint Admin site and started a full crawl. Some seconds later I went to the crawl log and found a warning this time with the following entry:
Content for this URL is excluded by the server because a no-index attribute.
So  "Reset All Crawled Content" and tried the full crawl again.

Now it should work.

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