Portal Security Authentication and Authorization – Quick Reference Guide

Authentication Local Authentication (Not Recommended by Microsoft) Contact record configured for Portal access Invite enabled access (configurable) Username & Password stored in CRM. Password is encrypted Password Recovery & Reset Email address confirmation & Two-factor authentication via email (optional) Lockout in case of multiple failed login attempts (configurable) External Authentication Contact record configured for Portal access […]

PowerApps Portals (Part 1)

Background The PowerApps Portals provide one of the last missing pieces to the Power Platform story. PowerApps Portals was announced in June as the successor to Dynamics 365 Portal. It will be fully decoupled from Customer Experience apps and will live alongside the two other types of PowerApps – Canvas and Model-driven. It has been […]

Charts on Dynamics 365 Portal

There are two ways to add charts on Dynamics 365 Portal Add chart Liquid tag in the Copy field on a webpage Add chart Liquid tag in the Source field on a Web Template Prerequisite for implementing Charts on Portal Entity Permission Requirement ID of Chart ID of view to filter the query   a) Entity permission requirement Read privilege […]

Importing Multi-Select Picklist Data in Dynamics 365

Multi-select picklist data was one of the most requested features in the Dynamics community and was introduced in Dynamics 365 from ver. 9.0 The issue Although introduced, importing multi-select picklist data can be a problem using the CRM Import Tool. Below is the sample CSV file with a multi-select column named ‘Hobbies’. Although it as […]

Transform Your Business in 4 ways with Dynamics 365 Portals

Dynamics 365 Portals are shipped with every Dynamics tenant* along with multiple ready to use templates that can be quickly configured and customized to suit business needs to build and extend channels of communication and Collaborate with specifically invited customers, partners or employees. What are Dynamics 365 Portals? Portals are an External website platform which […]

Dynamics 365 Portal – Best Practices for Success

Automation has become a necessity in every type of business and Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the most preferred automation systems implemented by various organizations around the globe. But its success totally depends upon its users, which leads us to the question, how to make the Dynamics 365 portal good so that adoption is […]