Marketing Automation Produces More Results

Visionary marketers are now identifying successful marketing approaches and campaigns, so the marketing team can scale up their efforts – applying them to a wider base of prospects leverage marketing automation by using demand generation platforms like Eloqua, SalesFusion, SilverPop to produce more results with less effort.  This advanced lead-generation, tracking and reporting tools, enable […]

Return On Investment – SharePoint

The return on investment for software platforms is a very popular topic and many research companies have published articles and reports on the topic with varying approaches to measurement. The recent Forrester report evaluates the platform based on its features and benefits. In the Forrester report, a conservative estimate pegged benefits at $3.1 million at […]

MSCRM 5.0 Features

As many (MSCRM Developers, users, and Analysts) await the release the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (coded as MSCRM 5.0 temporarily) with much intrigue, we at IOTAP, Mumbai, have come across certain articles and screenshots. We would like to point out a few references from them so as to bring a consolidated idea about the exciting […]

MSCRM Mobile Express Accelerator

The benefit of accessing an application through a mobile phone has always been alluring for companies who have feet-on-street Sales Executives. Non-availability of an application due to extensive mobility in job profiles, generally, can give rise to employees not feeding in right data at the right time. Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables access to […]

CRM – Return on Investment of CRM

There is nothing fresh in saying that for a business of any kind, its return is the focal factor that measures its success. However, certain times the established definition of Return on Investment requires amendments. Conventionally, it is measured as the ratio of money gained or lost (whether realized or unrealized) on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. […]

Customer Portal Accelerator Installation and Customization

Given that we have hands-on experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerator installation and customization like e-service accelerator and mobile express, we took that of the Customer Portal Accelerator with the least anticipation of too many show-stoppers. This was for a client based in Sydney, Australia whose requirement was to install the Accelerator along with certain primary customizations explained further. Feature-wise, this one, […]