Testing Enhancement for Existing Feature, New Requirements & Resolved Issues

I have been asked this question a long back by one of my internet friend that he needs to test 3 different things in the next release i.e ·         Enhancement for already existing feature ·         New requirements ·         Resolved issues. So how should I proceed to test & what should be the order to test everything? This is a good […]

Improve Performance of SharePoint Internet Sites

Faster loading websites are the need of the day as even a minor delay in the website response could cause frustration on the visitors part. Faster websites lead to happy users which in turn lead to increased business. A study by Google reveals that visitors spend less time on websites that are slow. With our experience in […]

tiCorridors.com Portal Developed in SharePoint Went Live

IOTAP has been developing a Sharepoint based economic portal called ti Corridors. This portal focuses on providing a comprehensive analysis of the existing and projected economic activity between two nations. Our development was completed last week and the site went live. Check out the site from www.ticorridors.com

Getting Rid of The Server Returned a Non-Specific Error in SharePoint Designer

Every SharePoint developer who has worked with extensively with data view web part in SharePoint Designer would have encountered the below misleading error at least once “The server returned a non-specific error when trying to get data from the data source. Check the format and content of your query and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server […]

Productizing Add-ons and Solutions for Dynamics CRM.

We at IOTAP have worked with numerous Software Solution Providers and ISVs. Our work involves the development of software solution ideas developed by clients and productizing them. We’ve used this plethora of knowledge to deploy and create installation files for add-ons and solutions created in Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint. In a recent assignment, our team […]

Invalid Argument Error – CRM 4.0

There are a couple of scenarios, which could generate the above error When you create a new record or open an existing record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 When you create a new record that contains a date of January 1 in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, you receive the following error Invalid Argument Error code: […]