The SSP Timer Job Distribution List Import Job was Not Run.Event Id 6641

If  the user profiles are not updated after you changed users property on the SSP and you get the following error log in your SharePoint server 2007 Then follow the following solutions steps 1. One of Microsoft’s best practices is to make sure that the application pool account for your SSP and your service account […]

User Profile Synchronization is Not Working in SharePoint Server 2007, Event id 5555

If the user profile is not synchronizing after you changed the property of the user property on SSP and if you found the following error message in your event log then follow the following solution steps. Solution Steps: open the command prompt and run the following command. stsadm -o sync -DeleteOldDatabases 0 then it removing […]

10 Requirements Traps to Avoid

10 Requirements Trap to Avoid The path to quality software begins with excellent requirements. Slighting the processes of requirements development and management is a common cause of software project frustration and failure. This article describes ten common traps that software projects can encounter if team members and customers don’t take requirements seriously. I describe several […]

Top 10 Estimation Best Practices in Agile

1. Use more than one person – By engaging the team in the estimation process we gain the benefits of additional insights and consensus building. Additional people bring different perspectives to estimating and spot things individuals may miss. Also, the involvement in the process generates better consensus and commitment for the estimates being produced. 2. Use […]

Configure Twitter Search with Sharepoint and Search Server

This blog explains the steps in configuring Twitter Search with Sharepoint and Search Server 2008 Prerequisite: Search Server Express or Search Server 2008 installed and configured 1. Navigate to the Search Administration Page (under Shared Services Administration) from SharePoint Central Administration Page, 2. Navigate to the  Search Administration Page as shown below 3. Then Click on “Federated Locations” Link under […]

Move SharePoint Site from One Domain to Another Domain

Scenario: I am having two separate domains in Mumbai and Chennai called Mumbai as and Chennai as Both domains are running SharePoint server 2007 with a different domain. I am planning to move Mumbai SharePoint server 2007 site to Chennai SharePoint server 2007. For this scenario, you can do the following steps to […]