Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK Updated (4.0.10)

New Additions: • Using the Paging Cookie – Fetch and QueryExpression sample code to show you how to implement paging. • Using Pre-generated XmlSerializers – use these supplemental assemblies to increase performance. • Visualizations (Charts) – These exciting new charts are available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only. • Walkthrough: Creating and Registering a Custom […]

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 7 Released

The Microsoft CRM Team  released  the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 7 on Thursday, October 22, 2009 To download click here More Information available here

What’s New in SharePoint 2010

In previous versions; by out of the box, alerts are sent only through e-mails, but in SP2010 we can able to send an alert to mobile devices as SMS Message. For that, we have a new property under SPAlert, that indicates whether the alert is delivered as E-mail or as an SMS Message. By default, alerts […]

Creating a SharePoint Sub Site from Custom Template Through Code

This blog explains the steps involving creating a Sharepoint subsite from a custom template by calling Sharepoint web service from .Net code. Sharepoint Meeting Webservice has a method named CreateWorkspace that allows the creation of subsite on the specified Sharepoint server. The URL for meeting web service is http:///_vti_bin/Meetings.asmx where can even be a subsite location. The syntax for the […]

Microsoft CRM 5.0… on your way

CRM5 is currently on the way and most likely to be shipped sometime in early 2010. (CodeName :  Microsoft Dynamics CRM “V.Next”) So what can we expect…… read below for the answers New Features for Users ======================== Enhanced Navigation CRM5 uses the same “Fluent UI” (aka the Ribbon) as Office 2007. This new “command bar” […]

Removing Link from People Name in SharePoint List

Sharepoint lists can have a special type of column that refers to a person or group. When viewing the list data the person column will display the person name and picture with a  link to the page that displays the user details(userdisp.aspx). Sometimes it would be desirable to prevent users from viewing the user details.  This […]