Quick Create Activity – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 AddOn

Activities are an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For example, if you have an account that required a followup call on a particular date, you would open the account record and create a new Activity of type Phone Call. Activity can consist of the following: Task Fax Phone Call E-mail Letter Appointment Service Activity […]

Business Trends in CRM Software and Services

Companies spent US$ 9.15 billion on CRM software and services in 2008, a 12.5 percent increase from 2007, Gartner in July. An even more favorable estimate of the global CRM market came from Forrester, which pegged it at $ 11.7 billion in 2008. While the CRM software and services growth rate may cool off during 2009, experts foresee the […]

Highlighting Overrun Tasks In SharePoint Gantt Chart

Though the Gantt Chart that comes out of the box with Sharepoint is useful and easy to setup it has many limitations. One of the features that Sharepoint users were longing for is applying the color code to different tasks. last week Christophe of Path to Sharepoint came up with an interesting way of applying color code using custom images and […]

Adding Document Icons in SharePoint Dataview

When viewing documents list from a document library in Sharepoint the default view page the list displays a document icon which gives a visual cue to the user about the type of document. This feature is not available when using a dataview control within a Sharepoint page. By default, the dataview gives only the file path and file name […]

Relationship Mapping (CRM 4.0)

You might have noticed, how certain fields are automatically populated sometimes, whenever a new form is opened from the CRM UI. Try creating a new Case from the Contract form. The customer and contract fields are automatically populated on the new Case form. Similar to various other entities too. CRM provides an excellent functionality but […]

CRM Picklist and the StringMap Table (CRM 4.0)

If you have a look at the CRM base tables (eg: AccountBase) in MSCRM, you would notice that all columns of Picklist datatype seem to store Integer values. So from where exactly does CRM get the actual text value to be displayed on the UI? Well, this comes from a not so well known table called […]