No Item Exists Error Because of Querystring Parameter Name

When working with Data views and filters in Sharepoint Designer, the Sharepoint page may sometimes throw an odd error like No item exists at http://sitename/pagename.aspx?Id=2.It may have been deleted or renamed by another user. The typical cause for this issue is that a dataview webpart within the page uses a filter condition that maps ID property of a list […]

Twitter Trends SharePoint Webpart

We have developed a webpart that will allow to display the top 10 trending topics in Twitter within a Sharepoint web page. The webpart uses a combination of JSON and JQuery.  The webpart along with installation instructions can be downloaded from here

Silverlight Loader SharePoint webpart

In order to add a Silverlight application to Sharepoint web page, we need to add a content editor web part and insert HTML object tag with appropriate properties. In order to make this process easier, we have developed a Silverlight Loader webpart. This webpart will take in the Silverlight 2.0 application file (XAP) file path and loads the Silverlight application within the Sharepoint page. […]

New SharePoint Features are Not Available in Visual Studio 2010 Beta1

After viewing the Channel 9 video on Sharepoint development with Visual Studio 2010 we were eagerly waiting for the for the Visual Studio 2010 beta release to try out all those Sharepoint goodies. But when we downloaded and used the Visual Studio2010 Beta 1 released last week, we were disappointed to see that only two Sharepoint templates were available. The ones for sequential and state machine workflows. The […]

Increase Print Font Size of SharePoint Pages

Through the default font sizes in Sharepoint web pages might look fine on Internet Explorer browser screen, they will be very small when a print is taken of the page. This blog explains how to fix the issue by using the CSS media rule. The CSS 2 media rule specifies how a web page will be displayed in different […]

Posting to SharePoint Blogs with Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easier to create gripping blog posts. Live Writer has a lot of features that give better blog experiences such as WYSWIG authoring, Photo Publishing, Map publishing, Video embedding etc. Windows Live Writer is free and can be downloaded. Live Writer supports posting to popular blogging sites such as Live […]