Restrict Removable Storage Devices Using Group Policy in Windows Server 2008

In Windows Server 2008 domain, there are a set of built-in policies on removable storage access and installation. It makes restricting USB mass storage device easier. Open the Group Policy Manager in your windows server 2008 and Do the following Steps, 1. Computer Configuration–>Policies–>Administrative Templates–>System–>Removable Storage Access     User Configuration–>Policies–>Administrative Templates–>System–>Removable Storage Access It specifies read […]

Speeding Up SharePoint Pages Loading by Removing core.css

Shantha Kumar – MCTS [email protected] Sharepoint site pages by default will reference to core.css file. The core.css has reference to a lot of image files and http request will be placed to download the files even if it is not used in the page. This is not a desirable situation for public facing Sharepoint sites.  […]

Blocking Anonymous Users from SharePoint List Pages

All public facing Sharepoint sites and Sharepoint intranet in some instance are configured to allow anonymous access.  If anonymous users have read/write access to lists they will be able to see the Sharepoint list pages such as AllItems.aspx, Dispform.aspx, Editform.aspx, and Newform.aspx by using a URL like . Since this is not a desirable situation, anonymous users should be blocked from seeing […]

Grouping a SharePoint List by Month Name & Year

Sharepoint custom list data can be easily grouped on any column of our choice. We had a requirement to group a custom list based on Month Name and year from a date column for which we had to create a calculated column and tweak it. This blog explains how this was achieved 1. Create a new […]

Embedding Popfly Block within Sharepoint Page

Popfly is a free online game & mashup creator from Microsoft. Popfly enables users to create and share web pages, mashups, and applications in a trouble-free way.  This blog explains the steps involved in embedding a Silverlight based Popfly mashup within a Sharepoint page. You can embed in Popfly mashup within a Sharepoint page in two ways, using content editor web […]

Printer Friendly Page SharePoint Web Part

Sharepoint pages not only contain contents but also additional sections such as top navigation, quick launch etc. Printing these pages using the browser Print option will result in the navigation and other sections also getting printed. To avoid this annoyance we at IOTAP have a created a Printer Friendly Page web part for Sharepoint which when added to […]