SharePoint Social Bookmarking Web Part

Social bookmarks allow users to tag any URL or web content and automatically save it to a community. We at IOTAP have a created a Social bookmarks web part for Sharepoint which when added to a page will display links for 29 popular social sites. You can download this web part from here

SharePoint Copy WebService – Part 1

I got a work on moving a file from a document library using Web Service. I already work on this, but I did that with SharePoint Object model. Now I have to search for this about web service, oh… I had forgotten the Copy web service; it’s just announced in WSS3.0. This Web service plays […]

SPitter – A Twitter for SharePoint

For those of you who have not heard of Twitter (I doubt if there is anyone), Twitter is a free online service for friends and family to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Though Twitter is a simple tool for public microblogging, it […]

Missing “Edit in DataSheet” option in SharePoint Lists

I was just looking into a SharePoint website, which uses Forms Based Authentication scheme. I noticed that the SharePoint lists ware not having options such as Edit in Datasheet, Export to Spreadsheet, and Open with Access under Actions Menu. I realized that these are client-based applications, so I thought there is an option on Sharepoint central administration to enable these options. So I […]

MYOB CRM Integration

One-Way Integration between MSCRM 4.0 & MYOB Premier 11.0 There are products available such as ‘AccountLink’, which provides integration with these 2 applications. However, these applications provide integration only between a pre-defined set of entities. Eg: Quote in MSCRM goes to Quote in MYOB. and although it was possible to customize the integration to a […]


Why does Scrum Work? 1. The basic premise is that if you are committed to the team and the project, and if your boss really trusts you, then you can spend time being productive instead of justifying your work. 2. This reduces the need for meetings, reporting, and authorization. 3. There is control, but it […]