Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing

Smoke Test: When a build is received, a smoke test is run to ascertain if the build is stable and it can be considered for further testing. Smoke testing can be done for testing the stability of any interim build. Smoke testing can be executed for platform qualification tests. Sanity testing: Once a new build […]

Enabling Email Functionality in the Team System Web Access (TSWA)

By default, the email functionality in Team System Web Access (TSWA) is disabled and users will receive the following message when trying to use it: “Sending email is not enabled. Please contact your administrator.” To enable you to need to change TSWA’s web.config file, which can be found following path: \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 Team System Web Access\Web. Change the […]

Custom Document Property as Page Title

When a new webpart page is added to a SharePoint document library the title of the page appears as Library Name – Page Name. For instance, if the document library name is WebPages and the page name is Page1 the title would appear as WebPages – Page1. This is the title that would be displayed […]

Including Custom JavaScript Files & Adding Events on Fly in MSCRM 3.0

Including custom JavaScript files in MSCRM 3.0 While working with MS CRM, you will find a lot of client-side coding in JavaScript. MS CRM has exposed onLoad, onSave & onChanged event. Once you add javascript, you could save the form followed by publishing it. The whole process is time-consuming and again publishing entity calls for resetting IIS, which it may not be permissible. […]