Tips & Tricks:

After a brief hiatus in late 2017, Microsoft FindTime has made its return to full-functionality, now as a part of your Desktop Outlook client!

Originally FindTime was created as an experiment by Microsoft for Outlook Web Access. After such a great response in the test, Microsoft has released a full-fledged add-on for Outlook on your Desktop!

What is FindTime?

FindTimeis an add-on for Outlook Web Access and Outlook for Desktop. It allows the user to easily schedule meetings by creating a meeting poll with suggestions of times to meet. The user adds their invitees, and the invitees vote on a meeting time. When the poll is complete, FindTime schedules the meeting on the user’s behalf based on what meeting time received the most votes!

If you’d like to install Microsoft FindTime, click here! If you need help, please let us know!

The question of the Month:

We’re onboard with Teams, and it’s going great so far! But I hate having to bounce back and forth between Skype and Teams! Hasn’t Microsoft created a way to allow us to create Teams meetings in Outlook yet?

As a matter of fact, yes! If you have a Windows PC, Office 2013 or Office 2016, then you should already see a Create Teams meeting icon in your calendar in Outlook!

If you have the team's client installed and do not see this icon, let us know so we can help! If you don’t have Microsoft Teams, what are you waiting for?

Product Spotlight:

Microsoft recently announced a bevy of new features in OneDrive, totally based from user feedback! The Highlights include:

New Mobile Features in OneDrive:

  • New scan experience- We have made the built-in scan functionality in the OneDrive mobile app easier to access by adding a dedicated icon in the tab bar. It’s simple to add multiple pages, annotate, and change the file name or destination folder right in the capture experience.
  • Camera upload support in OneDrive for Business- A very popular request in our UserVoice community, we are excited to announce automatic uploads for photos and videos captured to local camera roll on iOS and Android.

New Sharing Features:

  • Password protected links -We are adding the ability to set and require a password when you share a file or folder with other people. This will prevent others from accessing your files if your intended recipient accidentally forwards or shares the link. Of course, password protecting links are not needed if you use our secure external sharing.
  • Block download -We are adding the ability to prevent users from downloading files shared via view-only links. This enables you to share Office documents in the cloud while preventing people from keeping offline copies.

These features will be rolling out over the next couple months, so stay tuned!