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Cloud Connect MARCH2017

Tips and Tricks: Do you often find yourself spending more time trying to schedule a meeting than actually meeting? No more! Using FindTime for Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy to find a time for everyone to meet without the calling and emailing back and forth. Most importantly, FindTime works with personnel outside your organization whose calendars aren’t available to you!  A question of the Month: Privacy is of the utmost concern for me. Is there any feature in Office 365 that would let me encrypt the mail messages I am sending? Yes! Office 365 Message Encryption as part of Azure Rights Management allows senders inside an organization to send encrypted messages amongst themselves and to recipients outside an organization. Even better, outside recipients do not need a subscription! Your Office 365 plan may already support Office 365 Message Encryption.  Feature Update: Many of our clients ask for a way for them and their employees to have a ...

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Cloud Connect February 2017

Tips and Tricks: A new scheduling experience for Outlook on iOS is here!  Directly from Outlook for iOS, it is now possible to create a meeting, add invitees AND see their availability on a calendar, making it easy to pick a time that works for all attendees right from your phone. Android functionality is coming soon! A question of the Month: Office 2013 is going into “End of Life”, what does that mean for me? Most users of Office 365 have the newest version of the Office 365 apps, meaning that most likely Office 2016 is currently and there is nothing to worry about. However, if the specific decision was made to install Office 2013, there are some things to be mindful of: At the end of February, the option to install Office 2013 from the Office 365 portal will be removed. Users of Office 2013 can continue to receive updates until September 2017. After that, there will be no further updates and it is recommended to install Office 2016. In order to receive O ...

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Cloud Connect January 2017

Tips and Tricks: Are you tired of having to dig through address books to remember email addresses, or forgetting to add a recipient in the address bar and having to forward the email to them to loop them in? Even if you've typed their name out in the email?  With @mentions in Outlook, Simply type the @ symbol anywhere in the body of your email and start typing to pick the person you want to address. Once you pick the person you want to address their name is highlighted in the message in blue, grabbing their attention. And the best part, if the person you've added via an @ mention isn't already in the email, they'll automatically be added at the To line! No more forwarding emails to mistakenly omitted personnel! To learn more about @mentions in Outlook, click here!  Note: We expect this feature to be rolled out to all Outlook users in January, so stay tuned!    A question of the Month:   What is "The Waffle"?  In the Office 365 web inte ...

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Cloud Connect December 2016

Tips and Tricks: Did you just finish a document that you now need to attach to an email? Instead of browsing for it, save a few clicks and hit "attach" in Outlook 2016 when drafting an email. A drop-down menu will appear that lists your most recently edited documents. The Cloud is a safe place to do online business but cyber threats and security are the number one risk facing all digital communication and assets.    A question of the Month:   What is the difference between an Office 365 Group and a traditional Distribution List? For a 90-second video on groups. An Office 365 group is a distribution list AND MORE! You not only get the full functionality of the original Distribution Group but a shared document library for storing and sharing folders and documents between members. There's also a shared OneNote Notebook, useful for taking a project and meeting notes. And so everyone in the group stays on the same page, there's also access to Microsoft Planner, a sh ...

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