Insurance companies face numerous challenges, but the biggest challenge they face is integrating various information pools and complex networks of agents, underwriters, and claims settlement brokers. Furthermore, new entrants to the marketplace are adding pressure to compete on a cost basis. This fast-moving industry requires companies to differentiate themselves by delivering a unique experience that connects agents with customers on a highly interactive platform.

Ultimately, the digital evolution has raised customer expectations from insurance companies, and has transformed buying behavior.

Nowadays, consumers research products and services before purchase, and they share their experience post-purchase online, for anyone to see. Consumers expect the same level of engagement from insurance companies. In order to keep up with the industry pace and meet customer expectations, insurers must reconsider their customer engagement models.

IOTAP provides solutions for insurance companies to engage with customers using multiple touch points. We also centralize your customer data so you don’t need to manually maintain the history and demographics of your customers. We make your customer engagement as easy as a click of a mouse.

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