Cloud Connect January 2019

Tips & Tricks: In Outlook for iOS, it’s now possible to convert an email message directly into a calendar event! Simply select the message in Outlook, select the ellipses at the top right of the message and hit ”Schedule”! Question of the Month: “Is Microsoft backing up any of my data? I thought that was the […]

Cloud Connect November 2018

Tips & Tricks: We’ve all seen it – the blue text that serves to highlight a Hyperlink in an email, a PowerPoint or an excel document. We can be frank; most people will disregard it. But if you’re creating a document that’s to be shown to other people, and there some ugly blue text marring your slide […]

Cloud Connect October 2018

Tips & Tricks : We’ve covered Microsoft Dictate in previous CloudConnect Newsletters. At the time, it was a piece of software that had to be installed from a separate site, and it was built under Microsoft’s “Garage” brand – meaning that it was experimental and while Microsoft knew they liked the idea, it wasn’t quite ready for […]

Cloud Connect September 2018

Tips & Tricks : Drag and drop your availability into emails to schedule a meeting!  Within an email reply, can bring up your calendar and graphically drag and drop slots you currently have available on your calendar.  These are then shown as an availability card in your email. This update is brand new, we’re still seeing […]

Cloud Connect August 2018

Product Spotlight : We’re proud to announce that due to our ever-better relationship with Microsoft, we’ve been granted a (singular) Azure Cloud Consult! We’d love to use this opportunity to sit with you, our chosen customer, and go over your existing environment and see how we can use Azure to save you money and optimize […]

Cloud Connect July 2018

Tips & Tricks: It’s Friday, 4:59 PM. You mouse over to close your Microsoft Outlook for the weekend and head out of the door. One last email comes in. You know if you just type out a reply real quick, it will take just two minutes…so you start typing. Two paragraphs in, you feel your […]