Cloud Connect June 2018

Tips & Tricks: After a brief hiatus in late 2017, Microsoft FindTime has made its return to full-functionality, now as a part of your Desktop Outlook client! Originally FindTime was created as an experiment by Microsoft for Outlook Web Access. After such a great response in the test, Microsoft has released a full-fledged add-on for Outlook on your Desktop! […]

Cloud Connect May 2018

Tips & Tricks: As we mentioned prior – dictation for Outlook and Office programs is nowhere. Dependent on your Organization’s update channel (how quickly the latest Office 365 updates are received) you may begin seeing a “dictation” button in the ribbon of some of your office applications. Your PC will need a microphone in order […]

Cloud Connect April 2018

Hello, to our most Wonderful Clients! We find that there’s a lot of interest – and a lot of misconceptions – about Microsoft Teams in our IOTAP family these days. Thus, we’ve decided to devote this month’s Cloud Connect Newsletter to answering questions about Microsoft Teams and if anyone is on the fence, [email protected] I’m worried […]

Cloud Connect March 2018

Tips & Tricks: It’s still common practice to send documents back and forth between colleagues in an organization. One party makes their changes, sends it back, the other party makes their changes, sends it back, the other party doesn’t like the changes that were made and then everyone gets a big headache over a simple document. Wouldn’t […]

Cloud Connect February 2018

Tips & Tricks: It’s a common occurrence, emails being sent that shouldn’t be sent. Maybe it was unfinished, in which case it’s a bit embarrassing, but it can be laughed about later. But what if it was to the wrong person entirely? What if it contained sensitive corporate data? If the receiving party is using […]

Cloud Connect January 2018

Tips & Tricks: Need to turn an email into a PDF in Windows 10 in Outlook 2016? Press Ctrl + P to open the Print dialog, then select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer. Once you select Print, pick a folder, name your PDF and then select Save. For other versions of Windows & Outlook. A question of the […]