Cloud Connect December 2017

Tips & Tricks: Here at IOTAP we often hear a common question from our clients when we introduce them to OneDrive: “This means if my files are in OneDrive, I can access my files from anywhere? On any PC?” to which our answer is always a delighted “Yes!” The OneDrive app for mobile has been […]

Cloud Connect November 2017

Tips & Tricks: This month we’re looking at “Focused Inbox” – the brand-new entry to the list of Office 365 features that just keep coming! Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the […]

Cloud Connect October 2017

Tips & Tricks: We often find ourselves taking pictures of things that exist outside the digital realm. Whiteboards, sticky notes we don’t want to carry around – even pictures of pictures! We all know that sometimes this doesn’t work out, sometimes that picture of a whiteboard leaves you sending emails asking coworkers for notes. Introducing […]

Cloud Connect September 2017

What is an Intranet and why would it be useful to my organization? An intranet is a private network, that allows access to company data to people within your organization. It can be used for document sharing, company updates, approval processes and a whole range of other services. It is a website for your company […]

Cloud Connect August 2017

This month’s newsletter contains some very special announcements. IOTAP Special announcement: Our online store is live! We have been working hard on a new platform to better serve our customers for the past few months. IOTAP Online is live now. IOTAP Online is our effort to provide you the one stop shop for your Digital Transformation needs. You […]

Cloud Connect July 2017

IOTAP Special announcement: We have been working hard on a new platform to better serve our customers for the past few months; we’re getting close to revealing it to you and we’re so excited we simply had to put the word out. We are launching IOTAP Online in the coming weeks. IOTAP Online is our […]