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Windows Azure Services

Microsoft Azure - Platform as a Service :

Realize the benefits of cloud computing with IOTAP !

Microsoft Azure PaaS services from IOTAP help your organization with development, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance of applications without incurring the cost of buying the underlying infrastructure and software environments. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an IT model for delivering complete development platforms as a cloud service to help organizations move to Enterprise 2.0.

You can take your infrastructure to the cloud to easily communicate and collaborate with more agility and flexibility − anywhere, at any time, and on any device – with Windows Azure ! Azure enables you to focus on your business logic, as opposed to operational hurdles, in creating compelling products.

Benefits of moving to Windows Azure :
  • Plan your infrastructure for minimum usage
  • Lower ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ compared to on-premise deployment Improved user experience due to non-degradation in performance during peak usage 
  • Faster time to market due to usage of existing .NET skills
  • Reduced application/server management efforts - the entire server management is done by Microsoft, such as upgrade, patch management, anti-virus, etc.
  • SLA’s
  • Reliable and secure with global data center

IOTAP has the depth of knowledge and the business processes in place to ensure the best solution for your business needs and budget.

You can monitor your applications with Windows Azure, and scale up or scale back as and when the capacity is required. By moving applications to the cloud, you're giving up some control and autonomy, but you're also going to benefit from reduced costs, increased flexibility, and scalable computation and storage.