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N of M MOSS Workflow
We had a requirement from our clients for setting up a workflow in MOSS for their Purchase Order approval. The workflow status should be changed to approved only when N out M approves (For e.g. 3 out of 5 approvers) the workflow, where N and M are configurable values. We created this workflow using Visual Studio and Windows Workflow foundation.Member who initiated the purchase order will be intimated via mail on case of Approval or rejection.


MOSS Workflow


Tag cloud
A tag cloud is a visual depiction of the word content of a site or section of a site, used typically to describe the content of web sites. Tags are usually listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color. Tags enable finding content by alphabet or by popularity. We enabled tag cloud for our Knowledge centre section of the intranet.

Tag Cloud


Recently added documents
Just like getting a quick dose on the headline news the recently added documents Sharepoint web part from IOTAP allows users to easily find documents and items that are current and new. This allows intranet users to easily identify updates. This web part display a list of recent added and changes to data stored SharePoint sitesalong with the facility for user to customize their view as well.


Recently Added Documents
Zipping all items from a document  library
With all the documents now being managed and stored in Sharepoint isn’t it sometime important to just be able to get them all downloaded all at once? Intranet users frequently need to have copies of entire Sharepoint libraries for offline use. This facility is incorporated into IOTAP intranet using a free Sharepoint feature. This feature allows entire sharepoint library to be zipped and downloaded.
• Download all document library items
• Versions: if you are caring about document versions you can download them as well
• Ability to download only the selected view items instead of all list items


Social book marking web part
Social media is all the hype and for good reason. It has changed the way we communicate yet again! Bookmarks allow users to tag any URL or web content and automatically save it to a community. Use the IOTAP Social bookmarks web part for Sharepoint which will display links for 29 popular social sites.

Demo Documents


Printer friendly Sharepoint page
Sharepoint pages not only contain contents but also additional sections such as top navigation, quick launch etc. Printing these pages using the browser Print option will result in the navigation and other sections also getting printed. To avoid this annoyance use the Printer Friendly Page web part for Sharepoint which when added to a Sharepoint page will display a printer icon. Clicking this icon will open a printer friendly version of the Sharepoint page with the print dialog.

Printer Friendly Webpart


Favorite searches
People use Sharepoint search extensively, and they often search for same keywords. In order to eliminate this duplicate effort we developed a feature in Sharepoint using which users can save often used search terms as favorite searches. This gives them easy access to the searches they make.

Favorite Searches



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a visual cue that communicates the amount of progress made towards a goal. Created KPIs using SharePoint and displayed themon your Intranetor extranet pages.


Search through PDF documents
Though Sharepoint search works great with Office documents it doesn’t natively support searching of PDF documents. As many of the documents today are in PDF format we setup a feature to search through PDF documents. We installed Adobe PDF IFilter on the Sharepoint server and made the necessary configuration in the server settings.

Key Performance Indicators

Silverlight dashboard
We have setup Silverlight chart component to display various charts in a dashboard. Top executives can quickly get an idea of current situation of sales, leads revenue etc by looking at the dashboard.

Silverlight Dashboard


Linking  related website content
SharePoint allows connecting web parts and to pass data between them. We have set this up in CBC global website so that contents are inter linked.

Linking  related website content



Silverlight video player

We have developed a Silverlight based video player for playing video files from a Sharepoint library.


Silverlight Video Player

Integration with  SQL Server data
We had the requirement from our client to fetch data from a SQL Server database and allow users to modify it from a Sharepoint interface. This enabled users to manage data from within their intranet.

Integration with SQL Server Data


Silverlight slide show

We developed a Silverlight based web part for display images from a Sharepoint picture library as slide show.


Silverlight Slide Show


Doc Navigation
We used jQuery plug-in to develop a cool way of navigating sharepoint lists and Document Libraries

Doc Navigation



Document mail merge
We used the features of Word 2007 and Sharepoint to setup a document merge for a Sharepoint library. The Case Studies stored on the Sharepoint list. The document created based on list item title(i.e., Case Study).The field values of particular item will be merged with document template and saved o n document library as a new document.


Mobile view enhancement
Sharepoint supports out of the box mobile view of content. We customized the mobile page interface to provide a more usable view for mobile users..

World Clock
With sharepoint we collaborate with people across the globe. Do you want to know what time it is for a customer or colleagues in a different part of the world? Use the webpart that will display the current time in various locations around the world. The clock is based on Silverlight and can display both local time and weather.


Quote of the day
On IOTAP intranet home page we have setup a web part that will retrieve and display random quote from a free web service.

Quote of the Day


Birthday & Celebrations
On IOTAP intranet home page we have setup a web part that will gather data from a Sharepoint list and display Celebrations (Birthday, Service Anniversary, and Wedding Anniversary) for the current month.

Birthday and Celebrations


Flickr Photos of the day
In out intranet we have setup a web part that consumes RSS feed from Flckr website and displays photos of the day.

Flickr Photos of the Day


Sharepoint Tips & Tricks