Dynamics 365 Services

Dynamics 365 Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is crucial to accelerating your digital transformation. This suite of apps – sales, service, finance, operations, and talent – breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP, is powered by data and intelligence, and helps capture new business opportunities.

Microsoft has moved its CRM beyond sales force automation by bringing digital intelligence into each deal to better predict customer’s needs and deliver personal attention that builds relationships and revenue.

Dynamics 365 Services Partner

While Dynamics 365 is a ready-to-use platform, we understand that the right implementation is necessary to deliver value to the organization.

Seamlessly capturing and presenting information during the sales and prospecting process, our implementations increase customer acquisitions and retention percentages using complete customer lifecycle management.

The Team has the right amount of experience and expertise to offer your organization the most user-friendly Dynamics 365 implementation spanning sales, customer service, field service, operations, and financials.

By partnering with us, you will secure advanced functionalities of Dynamics 365. We will help you leverage the system to empower your business and improve business efficiency.


The introduction of software alone does not necessarily lead to a successful establishment of the requisite philosophy in the organization.

Our specialists are incredibly knowledgable of Dynamics 365. We combine this knowledge with experience on processes, project methodology and IT architecture to assist you with your requirements. If a requirement cannot be implemented with the standard product, then our specialists make simple, customer-specific apps – and let the know-how flow back into CRM.

We can help when:

  • You already have a defined CRM vision / CRM strategy / valued customer experience and organizational collaboration
  • You need operative tasks like CRM processes, CRM information, CRM technology and CRM metrics.
  • We can be your product suppliers and integrators

Strong user acceptance requires intelligent tools; clever, customer-focused processes and just the right interfaces to peripheral systems. Our CRM experts are our translators. They accompany and technically guide you through the project and fine-tune outputs so that your requirements are transformed into actual outputs.

Migrations and Integrations

Data migration and integration includes anything from sales figures to customer profile information – ensuring that duplicate data entries are eliminated and that you receive a holistic view of cross-linked data across multiple applications.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver a seamless transition.

Migrations are linked with enhancements and a better user experience. We use these 4 basic recommendations to customers:

  • Start with what you need
  • Focus on optimizing productivity
  • Infuse intelligence into the process definition
  • Get user buy-in and implement adoption strategies

Implementation and Customization

We offer a complete range of Dynamics 365 development services that well-exploit the existing platform features.

We build solutions on top of the robust capabilities included with Dynamics 365 to address complex business functionality, get full access to the features and capabilities of the core platforms, and integrate these into the Dynamics 365 user experience.

We help you build on and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities by creating custom-tailored solutions that solve your business needs.

Whether integrating prebuilt applications from AppSource to enhance processes or creating custom applications that connect with Dynamics 365 to solve your exact business needs.

Our key Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services:

  • Utility development
  • Report generation
  • 3rd party plug-in integration
  • Implementation, integration, and customization
  • Native or custom workflow development
  • Plug-in customization & development
  • Integration of MS CRM with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Remote support
  • Data scrubbing and migration
  • MS Dynamics CRM maintenance
  • Enhancing dashboards and role centers
  • Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM with plug-ins or web resources
  • CRM rapid application development for developing new business applications


Upgrading, developing and re-architecting are some aspects which we have gained considerable knowledge over 13 years of experience.

While some upgrades may be as simple as a button click, others may be drawn out and cumbersome.

We help you evaluate, define, execute, and train while providing constant support during your Dynamics 365 upgrade phase.

Using defined models and our experience handling upgrade projects across versions, our team works on your project seamlessly.

Support and Maintenance

Using a dedicated account manager and running a support team working off a competitive SLA, we support you all the way. Regardless of the question or issue, We will always help you using our flexible support packages.

With over 6,000 Dynamics CRM support cases closed, you can always count on our experienced, dedicated, and responsive support team as an extension of your organization.

You can raise a ticket by:

  • Sending an email
  • Calling your account manager
  • Using the online support portal

A few things you can do when you sign up with us:

  • Manage support requests. Easily view updates to open cases and submit new cases.
  • Manage your subscriptions. See what your current subscriptions are and when they will expire.
  • Contact support manager. When urgent needs arise, our support manager will help you in working with our support engineers to solve any issues.


We recognize that you want to develop your own capabilities for self-service and user-adoption. We offer regular coaching, guidance and training on the below lines

  • Organizational change – Processes, policies, and procedures
  • Infrastructure change – New hardware and software
  • Business Strategy – strive toward a planned goal
  • Administration – Level 1 support guidance on how to maintain the system

To minimize the risk associated with user adoption, we use consistent, routine & well-timed training of short durations to keep the interest levels & high absorption.

Dynamics 365 Managed Services

As business patterns change, business processes need to grow and evolve.

Businesses must have a continuous strategy to build apps, automate workflows, and bring additional data insight into your business. Managed Services does all of this without the hassles of frequent proposals, approvals, POs and change processes.

When you work with us:

  • Save time: Get the work done efficiently
  • Save money: Avoid paying a consultant to learn on the job
  • Get a faster ROI: Avoid disruptive deployment delays
  • Maximize value: Get the most benefits from your system

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