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Customer Experience and Engagement is the overall combination of interaction you have proactively enabled for your customers and Self Service Portals to deliver a better customer experience.

We focuses on building beautiful, secure, integrated Self Service Portals using Dynamics 365.

  • Empower your customers
  • Create amazing customer experiences
  • Reduce the burden on your internal teams
  • Stop answering the same questions again and again!
Dynamics 365 Portals and Self Service Portals

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dynamics 365 portals

Dynamics 365 Portals

Dynamics 365 Portals built on Dynamics CRM is an advanced content management framework that allows you to surface, expose and capture customer data. It’s a Content Management and Portal framework that is tightly integrated with your customer data in Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM is a robust, scalable, configurable platform that allows you to orchestrate and automate business processes and manage the entire customer life cycle.

How can portals help drive customer experience and self-service?

View and Manage Services

Customers can review services and products that they have purchased from you. They enable and empower customers to manage their services. This reduces the burden on the sales and account management team.

Manage Profile Information

Customers can view and update profile information such as contact information, billing and invoicing details. The more you know about your customer the easier it is to engage with them and create experiences which are unique for them.

Invoice History

Customers can view invoice history, review the most current invoices and they can do it when they want to. This creates transparency, builds trust, it reduces the burden on the accounting and finance team and helps you get paid faster.

Consumption and Usage

For consumption and usage-based businesses portals help you to share consumption and usage information real-time. There are no surprises for customers when the final invoice is generated, they have control over their usage. It gives customers peace of mind and reduces the reporting burden on your sales, accounting and operational team.

Support and Incident Management

Customers can raise tickets and consult knowledge base articles. These articles can be created and whetted by the internal support team. The portal suggests knowledge base articles based at the time of creating a case. This helps with case deflection and that helps with reducing the number of cases created and the burden on your support team. Since Portals are built on Dynamics CRM workflows can be triggered which can assign cases automatically, notify teams and reduce the time it takes to resolve a case.

Agreements and Documents

Portals can be integrated with SharePoint – a robust, scalable, enteprise-grade document management platform. Important documents such as SOWs, Project related documents and agreements can be shared in one central location so that you don’t have to sift through emails and stand-alone file shares. With it’s powerful search capabilities you can find relevant information at anytime saving your organization hours of times.


The forum feature allows customers to communicate with you in a conversational matter. They can engage with other customers and help each other out. Portals allow you to foster a community and enable customers to solve their own problems.

Our Self Service Portals have helped create amazing customer experiences

iotap self service portal

Portals can be themed to match your branding guidelines and principles


Knowledge Base Articles driven through Dynamics CRM which help with SEO, Case Resolution and Case Deflection

amaxra self service portal

Integrated and Granular Security that works with Azure AD and Office 365 logins out of the box.


Portals can be themed to match your branding guidelines and principles


Integrated and Granular Security that works with Azure AD and Office 365 logins out of the box.

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