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Software Managed Services

Today's business moves more quickly than outdated project-based software implementations. It's time for software development support that works the way you do: it's time for Software Managed Services from us.


Why Projects Fail


  • Business processes continuously evolve, requiring constant tweaks to existing infrastructure
  • It is difficult to articulate all project requirements upfront, since most business users are not aware of the platform capabilities
  • Projects are never ‘completed’ – business users constantly ask for changes and enhancements to existing functionality.
  • It is difficult to find qualified administrators & developers
  • It takes multiple skillsets to complete and maintain a development environment (developers, consultants, architect, UI/UX designers, business analysts, project managers, etc.)
  • Talent retention is expensive, often accounting up to 37% of overall IT budget
  • Complex environments require constant monitoring and maintenance.
  • Platform adoption is a key challenge

80% of organizations experience unplanned downtime

43% of organizations their administrators lack necessary skills & training

Average costs to maintain are approx. $46/user per month **

Downtime costs are close to $90/user per month **

** Costs indicated here are typical numbers and are not an indication of our proposed costs. These can be found in our Commercial proposal.


Software Managed Service offering is specifically designed to address the above challenges and ensure mutual success for our clients.

Why Software Managed Services is the Right Solution


Our clients typically see the following benefits from our Software Managed Services offering.

  • Predictable costs
  • Controllable timeframes
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Better user satisfaction
  • Faster resolution of issues
  • Peace of mind

Never sign a Change Request again!

Microsoft Office 365

How it Works


  • Agile approach with no predefined scope
  • Any project requiring any skillset - Architecting, Analyzing, Planning, Development, Designing, Support, Application, Training, etc. - can be executed as part of the engagement
  • Changes and enhancements are welcome
  • Your Managed Services team is an extension of your Organization Application Team and works solely toward a common vision of success
  • Billing is done through a fixed annual payment, without any of the hassle of work- or project-related contracts

Our Process


Below is a summary of our Software Managed Services approach:


Microsoft Managed Services

Your Team


  • An Automation Success Manager will be assigned to you to understand and engage as a Single Point of Communication. Your ASM's key responsibility is to make your project a success
  • Your Automation Success Manager has a full-fledged team at his disposal that he can deploy on any task covered in the Software Managed Services engagement



Infrastructure Consultants

UX/UI Designers

Project Managers

Business Analysts

Optional Add-Ons


The options below are available through or at significant discounts:

  • Hardware, network and other infrastructure-level support can be purchased as an add on to this engagement
  • Software licenses and cloud hosting can be included, providing you with a single point of accountability for your entire project