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Dependency error while uninstalling CRM add-on


Symptoms: Dependency error when you try to uninstall or delete CRM add-on


Cause: This is caused by the structure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Importing solutions in CRM may cause dependencies between components to arise.



All IOTAP CRM Add-ons are managed solutions. Hence uninstall process will remove the solution and all its components from the system. Kindly note that the data stored in the solution entities - which may include the configuration settings will get deleted when the solution is uninstalled.


If you are getting an error when uninstalling a solution then the most likely cause would be that other components in CRM are referencing this CRM add-on.

Steps to finding out the dependencies:

Check error log. If the error log does not provide the list of dependencies then create a URL in below format and try out in a new window:

URL format:

http://{servername}/tools/dependency/dependencyviewdialog.aspx?objectid {solutionguid}&objecttype=7100&operationtype=dependenciesforuninstall


{servername} : CRM server

{solutionguid} : GUID of the solution

The solution guid can be found by opening the solution and pressing F11 or CTRL+N to see the URL. In the URL take the section between %7b and %7d.


Once you remove the dependencies then the add-on could be easily uninstalled.


More Information:

 We have listed down some of the most common dependency errors based on each add-on:

1.       Clone

Sitemap dependency: Clone Exclude , Clone Related records, Clone log in Settings area

Plugin dependency - delete any records which were added to "Clone related records" entity

2.       AutoNumber

Sitemap dependency: AutoNumbers in Settings area

Plugin dependency - delete any records which were added to "AutoNumbers" entity. This will automatically delete the autonumber plugins that were created dynamically


3.       Email2Case

Sitemap dependency: E2CA, E2CA Event logs in Settings area


4.       Report Scheduler

Sitemap dependency: RS Scheduled Records, RS Event Log, RS Email Templates


5.       1-Click PDF

Sitemap dependency: 1-Click PDF in Settings area

Web Resource dependency: If you have added the "IOTAP Dynamic button" web resource to any of the CRM forms then it needs to be removed.