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IOTAP’s Email to Case Automation add-on helps your company efficiently manage the support process by automatically creating cases from emails and auto-populating case fields from the email body.

The standard functionality that can be achieved via workflows is very basic and has lots of limitations. E2CA not only fills these gaps but also takes the case creation automation to the next level.


  • Supports multiple queues
  • Automatic linking to Contact or Account
  • Email spam protection
  • Email loop protection
  • Email domain address exclusion
  • Supports HTML email
  • Automatic Case Owner assignment – Multiple options
  • Copy attachments to Case
  • 100% Native - works from within CRM
  • Email notifications for external and internal users
  • Multiple Email Templates with additional functionality to add direct links to CRM record
  • Fully configurable
  • Can be customized based on individual requirements

Process Flow:

Support Queue: Email to Case Automation can monitor multiple mailboxes creating tickets or cases in CRM automatically whenever emails are received. 

Exclusion \ Inclusion Configurator: Unwanted case creation can be avoided by excluding emails received from specific domain and email addresses. Further email loop protection settings will also allow exclusion of auto-responded emails. (There is also a provision to over-ride the exclusion criteria for certain user-scenarios).

Case Creator: Case record is created with case-fields automatically populated from email as well as fields that have been configured with default values. Some of the fields that could be auto-populated are: case title, description, origin, subject, etc.

Case Linker: Case record is linked with either contacts or accounts based on the settings. If no match is found then the case could also be linked to a dummy account or dummy contact.
If the email is regarding an existing case then the search algorithm can also search for case ID in the subject line (all of this is configurable).

Case Owner Assignment: There are multiple options available for Case Owner assignment:

  • Default User / Default Team: can select a default user or team that would be the owner of the new case.
  • Round Robin Case Assignment: Case would be assigned to the members of the team (sequence: alphabetically sorted by First Name). Please note that because of technical limitations, this algorithm will not work in CRM Online.
  • User – Account / Contact Owner: The owner of the Contact or Account that was linked to this case will become the owner of the new Case.
  • User – Account / Contact Custom: The CRM user selected (in the field (eg.Preferred User) of Contact or Account will become the owner of the new case.

Auto-Response Management: Automatic email notifications (both internal and external) could be sent on case creation based on the email template selected. Further there is an additional functionality to add direct URL for case record in CRM (this would allow CRM users to directly browse to the case record in CRM).