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Creating CRM Personal View & Scheduling delivery via email

Sales Manager

Sample Scenario


“I would like to receive a report @ 04:00 PM every-day of New Leads added in CRM by my team”


To create an email subscription for CRM data:

1.       create View with necessary filter conditions

2.       schedule the view by setting the delivery options and the recurrence pattern

Step 1: Create a personal view “Daily Lead Report” as shown below:

Navigate to Leads > click “Advanced Find” > Add filter condition > Edit Columns >  “Save as: Daily Lead Report”

Step 2: Schedule this view for delivery: Navigate to Workplace > Report Scheduler > New and create a “Scheduled Delivery” record as shown below:

As we can see from above that it quite easy for any user to create an Email Subscription of CRM data in just 2 steps.

Email received with data in email as an attachment as well as inline at the scheduled date and time: