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Known Issues

1. Maximum number of records in report

Due to limitations of processing time of workflows, the number of records that can be processed for any scheduled report is limited. Below is the suggested benchmark:

  • Normal report without any groupby: 600-800 records
  • Report with groupBy added: 400 records

If the number of records in “view” is more than those mentioned above then the workflow may give Time-Out error.

2. Views having multiple complex joins with linked entities may error out.

Report scheduler uses the internal view definition (FetchXML) for running the queries against the database and generating the tabular output. It has been observed in few occasions that if the view has linked entities and complex joins then the view definition created by CRM is not well-defined. This may result in an error when scheduling the particular view. You may contact IOTAP support team and we will suggest the round-around solutions for getting through these.

3. Non-English language support.

At this point report scheduler add-on only supports US and UK formats of decimal, currency and date-time.