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App Settings

LM config contains core settings required for the app to function, it come pre-loaded with default values, however these can be changed easily if required, the following table will explain all the configurable items in detail:

  • Click on the settings gear’ ’ available on the LM app.
  • Navigate to ‘LM Config’ under Master Configuration section.
  • Configure/Edit as per HR policy:
Item Description Pre-Configured Value
OptionalLeaveID Please ignore this attribute- only for app use 0
Archive Timespan(days) Please ignore this attribute- only for app use True
Weekend Days Determines weekends. Saturday, Sunday
Color_Weekend Deprecated Grey
Color_Mandatory_Leave Deprecated LightBlue
Color_Optional_Leave Deprecated 10
Color_Personal_Leave Deprecated rgb(209,245, 224)
Probation_Interval Probation interval determines leave eligibility, set probation interval to ‘0’ if leaves can be taken from the day of joining. 90
Mandatory_Leave_Value Deprecated Mandatory Leave
Accrual_Start_Day Week day on which leaves will be accrued Monday
DefaultLeavePlan Leave plan which is applicable for all the employees should be mentioned here, Example: Default Leave Plan blank
RoundOff Rounds off the leave count when set to ‘True’ False
ShowAllPeers When set to ‘True’ Enables everybody in the organization to each other’s leaves else restricted to employees who share reporting Manager. False