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Create Site/Sub-Site Collection


Create a separate site collection/Sub-Site for Work 365 TIME as all the app users would require contribute access to use the app.

Steps for creating a new site collection are as follows:

·         Login as an administrator.

·         Go to Office 365 Admin section.

·         Click on SharePoint.

·         Click on new site collection

·         Give suitable name and URL to the site-collection

·         Specify other details 

·         Click OK.

In case site collection is not feasible/allowed a separate sub-site can be created for Work 365 TIME, Steps to create a sub-site are as follows:

·         Click on the settings gear ’ ’

·         Navigate to ‘View all site contents’

·         Give suitable name and URL to the sub-site

·         Have unique permissions for the sub-site as marked below.

·         Click OK.

Image: Creating a new sub-site