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License management

There are two modes of buying Work 365 TIME:

1)    IOTAP store- Get benefits on pricing and support by buying Work 365 TIME from IOTAP store, click on the following link to buy from IOTAP:

Buy from IOTAP store

Note: IOTAP will do license management for apps purchased from IOTAP store. Administrators have to manage licenses manually if the app is purchased from Microsoft app store

2)    Microsoft app store- to buy from Microsoft app store click on the following link:

Buy from Microsoft Store

In case you buy/try from the Microsoft app store below are the steps to manage licenses:

·         Click on the settings icon’ ’ from the native site where the

·         Go to : site contents

·         Navigate to Work 365 TIME

·         Click on ‘…’

·         Then click on licenses.


       Image: License Management

·         Manage License Managers and users as shown below