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  • Report Scheduler

    Report Scheduler provides easy scheduling of CRM Views data which is delivered automatically via email (internal as well as external email recipients allowed). The recurrence pattern can be daily, weekly or monthly. In addition there is a multi-user scheduling functionality which allows scheduling of single view to multiple users in CRM and each user will receive only his\her records. This cuts down the need to schedule separate report for each user.

  • Advanced Auto Number

    Advanced Auto Number allows automatic generation of unique reference IDs for all entities across the CRM system. The format of the reference ID can have text, random numbers, random characters, day, month, year, field values, auto-padding with zeros in prefix as well as suffix. There is an additional functionality to reset the counter at the month or year start.

  • Email 2 case

    Email to Case Automation streamlines customer to support email communication with various advanced features like email loop & spam protection, automatic case creation, HTML stripping of email body when copying to case description, linking case to account or contact or dummy bucket if no matching found in crm, dynamically assigning case ownership to linked account or contact owner.

  • Record Clone

    Record Cloning allows you to create a duplicate record with the same values as the parent record. For example you could easily clone a quotation along with its related quote products in just 1 click of button.

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Report Scheduler

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Record Clone

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Advanced Auto Number

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Email 2 case

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